Greenbelt Electric Cooperative, Inc. has been owned by those we serve since 1938.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our members in the rural areas of the Texas panhandle.

Greenbelt Electric Cooperative, Inc. serves all and parts of 9 counties in the Texas panhandle-Armstrong, Collingsworth, Donley, Wheeler, parts of Childress, Gray, Hemphill, Randall and Roberts. We have over 2,627 miles of energized line and over 5,632 connected meters.

GEC is a member of Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, which is our generation and transmission cooperative. Golden Spread owns Mustang Station which is a 794MW gas fired generation facility located at Denver City, Texas.  In addition, Golden Spread is currently building an additional 246.2MW of generation, 176MW of which will be eligible to meet its capacity needs.  The remainder of Golden Spread's needs are met through the purchase of approximately 725MW of capacity and energy from other power suppliers. This is a tremendous asset to GEC and you as a member to help us keep the lowest energy cost possible and a reliable source of power for now and well into the future.

In 2006, GEC  became a member of Touchstone Energy Cooperative.  Touchstone  Energy is an alliance of over 6,000 cooperatives in 46 states that collectively deliver power and energy solutions to over 22 million customers every day.  Touchstone Energy also emphasizes the significance of each electric cooperative’s local presence and unique ties to its community, but offers the resources of a nationwide network to bring added value and benefit to customers.