What is it?
TWN provides a secure, high-speed access and is the next generation of Internet connectivity. TWN provides true broadband speeds to meet your online demands. You do NOT have to be a Greenbelt customer to sign up!

Cost Effective
TWN offers an affordable broadband solution, offering the latest technology at competitive prices.

Faster Speeds
Download speeds up to 15 Mbps for residential customers, so it’s easy to choose the plan that’s right for you. And, up to 1 Gbps for business-class solutions.

Increased Security
TWN safeguards sensitive and proprietary information by securing data with industry standard encryption. In fact, every customer is provided with a dedicated wireless connection.

TWN’s proven technology is always on, always available, and does not require a traditional wireline connection.

How does it work?
TWN connects to the Internet using state of the art synchronized transmissions. TWN’s technology addresses even the unique challenges of rural communities. Customers enjoy the security of a dedicated high-speed connection without the commitment to cable, phone lines or satellite.

Superior Customer Care
TWN offers timely troubleshooting and support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Local technicians and sales support personnel are available to assist with your Internet needs.

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